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Low Pressure Relief System (LP-Reliefclean)

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Processes involved with the generation and handling of gases need a reliable low pressure relief valve at key points in the design. Pressure fluctuations must be handled effectively and reliably.

Conventional valves and bursting discs have been consistently tried in these applications, but they can raise issues:

  • In venting the gas, odours may be released into the atmosphere, causing problems and complaints from neighbouring residences and businesses.
  • Using conventional designs in the low pressure environments at which they operate, the valves will remain open for a period even after the pressure drops back.
  • Valves don’t reseat properly due to impurities, foaming and waste in the gas, leading to persistent gas losses.

The Patented Rowan House LP-Reliefclean system addresses these issues, with built in chemical dousing of the gas to reduce or eliminate odours and perfect resealing when the pressure reduces.

LP-Reliefclean uses a column of water to maintain the seal at a given pressure. When the pressure rises, gas is released, bubbling through the column. As soon as the pressure returns to normal, the bubbling ceases and the seal is reformed. When gas is bubbling through the liquid, it can be treated, by adding chemicals to the water, to reduce or remove completely odours which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The liquid nature of the seal also means that any impurities or solids in the gas are captured and do not affect the resealing when pressure is reduced.

Rowan House Ltd can supply the complete package, tailored to your requirements and installed onsite, using our approved partners.

To discuss further how we can help you or for more information on the LP-Reliefclean system, please contact us.



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