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High Efficiency Knock-Out Drum

Image of a High Efficiency Knock Out Drum

The Rowan House Ltd high efficiency knock-out drum will remove all free water droplets and particulates from gas streams ensuring that all gases flowing from the knock-out drum are free of all droplets or particulates larger than 100 micron.

The high efficiency knock-out drum is designed to the internationally recognised standard API521, which allows the specification of the smallest droplet sizes to be removed.

The knock-out drum design distributes the incoming gas flow towards one end of the drum and spreads out the gas flow over the full cross-section of the drum. This causes the droplets and particulates to fall to the bottom of the drum and collect in the boot. The gas stream flows very slowly through the drum exiting by the outlet pipe that faces the other end of the drum. Having opposite facing entry and exit point prevents the gas stream to become re-contaminated with water droplets when it gathers at the exit point to leave the drum.

For Biogas

For most waste treatment plants generating biogas from the anaerobic digestion of sludge is saturated with water vapour. Biogas is stored and then blown by gas boosters to a CHP plant where the CHP process compresses biogas. As the gas is compressed, water droplets form in the pipe and these droplets damage the CHP Engine.

For the biogas application the high efficiency KO drum is installed directly downstream of the gas boosters, after the digesters and ensures that all droplets of water, grease and fats greater than 100 micron diameter are removed from the biogas stream before biogas enters the CHP.

This is proven technology on biogas streams, where the Rowan House Ltd high efficiency KO drum has removed water, grease and fats particles upto 100 microns to enable the continuous operation of CHP engines with biogas.

For Odorous Air

Water entrainment in gas streams can cause operation problems in boilers resulting in down time with boilers trying to burn gases that are not combustible. With a fitted high efficiency KO drum water before the boiler inlet, the water content is removed along with a considerable amount of the entrained particulates such as fats and greases resulting in increased reliability in the operation of your boiler.

This is proven technology on odorous wet gas streams that have previously been combustible. The Rowan House high efficiency KO drum has removed water particles of upto 100 micron to enable the continuous operation of burners with odorous wet gas streams.

Rowan House Ltd provides a full process design and project management service for the high efficiency knock-out drum. We work with partners to fabricate and test the equipment. This can be configured as individual items to be delivered and assembled on site or as a skid mounted, pre-assembled package.

To discuss further how we can help you or for more information on the high efficiency knock-out drum, please contact us.



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