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Image of a High Efficiency Knock Out Drum Over many years of working with Advanced Digestion plants, the most common operational issues seen by Rowan House Ltd have been with two of the key elements of the process, the digesters and the CHP engines.

The digesters see frequent pressure fluctuations which often lead to the venting of flammable biogas resulting in the release of flammable/odourous gas into the atmosphere, causing problems and complaints from neighbouring residences and businesses.

The CHP reliability and operation is often affected by the variable quality of biogas which can be contaminated by many other ingredients including water, CO2 as well as foam, and grease. Foaming clogs the lines and flame arrestors, water damages the CHP engines and carries in contaminants such as siloxanes to do even more damage.

Rowan House High-Efficiency Knock-Out Drum

The high efficiency KO drum will collect all water droplets formed after the digesters as well as knock out fats and grease droplets with a drop size larger than 100 microns. The KO drum will prevent the carryover of rags and other such materials entering the equipment downstream.

Rowan House Low Pressure Relief System (LP-Reliefclean)

The Patented Rowan House LP-Reliefclean system is a reliable low pressure relief system, with built in chemical dousing of the gas to reduce or eliminate odours.

Rowan House Ltd can supply the complete packages for the high efficiency knock-out drum & LP-Reliefclean systems. These will tailored to your requirements and installed onsite, using our approved partners.

To discuss further how we can help you with any operational issues or for more information about our technologies, please contact us.



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