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Six Sigma / Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement

Rowan House Ltd has recently introduced continuous improvement services using a systematic data-driven approach and methodology to analyse the root cause of your problems / processes to dramatically improve them.

Our Six Sigma Master Black Belt, who is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 25 years of nuclear and chemical industry experience, will work closely with you to apply the most effective Six Sigma tools to your specific problem.

Our Continuous Improvement Services include:

  • Process Modelling to explore OEE issues and the impact of change
  • Problem Solving using 5W1H, 5 Whys
  • Six Sigma Project Leadership or Facilitation
  • FMEA Leadership or Facilitation
  • Six Sigma Process Audits
  • Establishing a Continuous Improvement Culture

We also provide training in a number of process improvement tools and problem solving techniques, such as:

  • Root Cause Analysis using Basic Kaizen, 5W1H
  • Proactive improvement through Process Mapping and FMEA
  • Process improvement using Six Sigma DMAIC
  • Minitab Training

Please contact us for further information about our experience and services.

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