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In their publication ‘Out of Control’, HSE research shows that 60% of all process industry accidents can be traced back to errors in the design and specification. A Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study is a recognised technique for checking a process plant design to identify and evaluate issues that may represent risks to personnel or equipment, or process operation.

HAZOP became best practice throughout the UK following the Flixborough disaster and became fully used in Europe and the USA following the Seveso disaster. HAZOP is applied worldwide following the Bhopal disaster. The legal framework for the application of HAZOP studies throughout Europe is covered by the Seveso directives and, following the implementation of Seveso II, HAZOP studies should be applied to all process plant in all industries.

Rowan House Ltd is able to provide the following HAZOP services:

  • Independent HAZOP Chair
  • HAZOP Secretary
  • Specialist HAZOP Recording Software
  • Inclusion of 61508 Stage 3 in the HAZOP study
  • Provide the post HAZOP administration
  • Provide the final HAZOP report
  • Final Action Review and Close-Out Services

HAZOP studies are generally associated with safety, however the real purpose of a HAZOP study is to save you money but, to do that, it must be carried out at the correct time in the contract.

Companies benefit financially from HAZOP studies when the design of major items of equipment is near completion or completed and before these major items of equipment are ordered. HAZOP studies must be carried out to demonstrate safety but can also be used to optimise economic benefit.

Many businesses are required to undertake suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks associated with their process and a process HAZOP study has become the recognised and established technique for identifying, assessing and recording the process plant risks.

There are alternative forms of risk assessment which can be undertaken but using alternative forms may require justification that the alternative method is equal or better than a HAZOP study and this is particularly hard to do after an accident.

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