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Functional Safety Capability - IEC61508 and IEC61511

Rowan House Ltd are experienced in functional safety and the full life cycle safety concept stages as defined under IEC 61508. From the specification of safety requirements through the design, development and manufacture of system components to integration, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

We are active members of the 61508 Association and can assist you with all aspects of management of your functional safety requirements including Hazards & Risk Assessments, SIL Assessments, LOPA calculations, development of SRS documents and advise on proof testing and maintenance of your SIL rated systems.

Functional safety is the part of the overall safety of plant and equipment that depends on the correct functioning of safety-related systems and other risk reduction measures such as Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), alarm systems and Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS). Failure of these products or systems to operate reliably could harm personnel or the environment.

It is an additional step beyond the traditional product safety assessment and tackles the ever increasingly complex world of interoperating technologies and the hazards they cause.

The general benchmark of good practice is the internationally accepted standards BS EN 61508, Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety related systems and BS EN 61511, Functional safety - Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector.

Both BS EN 61508 & BS EN 61511 demand that Functional Safety Management is demonstrated. They define the safety lifecycle and describe how functional safety should be managed throughout that lifecycle.

The key principles of the safety lifecycle are to:

  • use hazard and risk assessment to identify requirements for risk reduction
  • allocate risk reduction to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) or to other risk reduction measures
  • specify the required function, integrity and other requirements of the SIS
  • design and implement the SIS to satisfy the safety requirements specification
  • install, commission and validate the SIS
  • operate, maintain and periodically proof-test the SIS
  • manage modifications to the SIS
  • decommission the SIS

To discuss how we can support you with the full lifecycle management of your functional safety requirements, please contact us.

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