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Rowan House Ltd’s core business is in process design, process safety and technical studies. Providing cost effective, practical solutions to process problems is a key skill that our chemical engineers have.

Every technical study is different. Examples include:

  • Advise on PSSR / ATEX & CE Marking
  • Advise of Confined Space Entry and development of Safe Working practices
  • Chemical incineration
  • Pipeline sizing and design
  • Review of relief valve design
  • Determination of why trays in a freeze drier bow
  • Development of a conceptual design for upgrading a water treatment plant
  • Precious metal recovery and waste gas treatment
  • Project development for a warehouse fire protection system
  • Review of O & M Manuals
  • Verifying flow meter algorithms

Further information:

Rowan House Ltd has many combined years and diversity of experience in this area and can provide a consultancy service to assist your requirements.

Contact us now if you would like further information or a free preliminary discussion.

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