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Solutions for Renewables Energy Industries

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The growth and development of renewable energy technologies and processes has resulted in a new set of risks and hazards being introduced to many locations where previously there were no process risks or hazards present.

Rowan House Ltd has worked with various renewable energy technologies such as Advanced Digestion & Biogas production, Gasification using Pyrolysis and Gas Plasma Technologies, Biomass Combustion and Carbon Dioxide Capture in a number of ways. Our services have included safety studies, consultancy work as well as providing preliminary designs.

Our customers have included Advanced Plasma Power, Broadcrown Renewable Energy, New Earth Solutions, Cannington Enterprises, GS Fresh, Severn Trent, Veolia Outsourcing and Scottish Water.

Our experiences include:

  • General Process Engineering including Environmental Studies
  • Mass & Energy Balances
  • Process Design Studies
  • Site Assistance
  • Safety Studies

We can assist in almost all aspects of safety assessments, with particular emphasis on independent hazard and risk assessments including:

  • Expertise to Chair and administer Safety Studies. Examples include HAZOP, CHAZOP, HAZID and HAZAN, BS EN 61508, SIL assessment, LOPA, IEC 61511 and other risk assessments.
  • Development of Calibrated Risk Graphs for residual risk analysis in line with guidance from IEC 61511.
  • External objective expertise, backed by proven experience, to question all aspects of a process at the appropriate time. To balance conformance to company and regulatory requirements with the most cost effective design solution.
  • Functional Safety Management.
  • ALARP Studies.
  • DSEAR and ATEX compliance reports for hazardous industry applications.
  • COSHH Assessments.
  • Customer awareness and training programmes.

Our independent service ensures that you get the best impartial and objective solution that meets your needs and requirements.

Please contact us for further information about our experience and services.



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