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Solutions for Environmental Incident Studies

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Rowan House Ltd has extensive experience in providing environmental incident studies. Clients for this type of work have included loss adjustors as well as end users seeking to learn lessons from the incident cause. Our ‘incident investigation study’ reports have been used by the HSE to promote better safety awareness in developing industries and have been used in consultations between the HSE and equipment suppliers as well as end user and industry representatives.

Rowan House Ltd has substantial experience of a variety of environmental incidents resulting from:

  • Equipment Damage
  • Equipment and Plant Maloperation
  • Fires, Explosions and Accidents
  • Incorrectly specified process equipment
  • Relief System Activation
  • Unsatisfactory plant performance

Normally such investigations cover not only the causes of the incident but what steps require to be taken to ensure that a recurrence is avoided. Rowan House Ltd are also experienced at providing Legal Expert Witness evidence.

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