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Our Team

Key members of staff include Ian R Hitchen, Zaffer Khan, Andy Procter and Malcolm Leach.

Ian R Hitchen

Ian R Hitchen C.Eng, MIET, BA (Hons)

Ian is a practical engineer who has over 40 years of plant operating experience. He started his career with ICI and British Gas and was involved in commissioning, improving and testing Instrumented Safety Systems (SIS). He moved to Shell Chemicals where he progressed to Instrument & Electrical Manager with full responsibility for design, maintenance and engineering standards associated with Instrumentation and Electrical systems at their Agro Chemicals ‘COMAH top tier’ ATEX facility.

Ian has significant practical experience of Process Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems and often relates his practical experiences to the problems identified in modern day plants and processes.

He is an experienced practioner in HAZOP, CHAZOP, LOPA, SIL Assessments and Functional Safety. As well as leading these risk assessments, Ian has delivered training to a wide base of clients for Hazard & Risk assessment, SIL determination, SIF design, SIF proof Testing, COSHH Awareness, DSEAR and maintenance of EX equipment.

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Zaffer Khan

Zaffer Khan PhD, MEng, CEng, FIChemE, Professional Process Safety Engineer

Zaffer is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He is also an IChemE registered Professional Process Safety Engineer. He is an experienced and practical process engineer who is used to both working in a team and as an individual.

His background is in Process Design & Projects, where he supported the whole project life cycle, with duties varying from assessing the initial enquiry to undertaking process design and plant commissioning to project hand over. He has experience in project management, working as part of a multi-disciplined project team, process & project engineering, front end feasibility and design studies, research and product development work, site work including commissioning and site studies, supervising contractors, preparing P & IDs, PFDs, data sheets, HAZOP studies and report writing.

At Rowan House Ltd, Zaffer has worked on many projects covering various industries. His roles have been diverse and include plant commissioning; reviewing process designs; undertaking process studies; undertaking hazardous area classification to ATEX/DSEAR; DSEAR risk assessments & DSEAR Conformance audits, SIL Assessments & LOPA studies, Chairing HAZOPs and acting as an Expert Witness on legal cases.

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Andy Procter

Andy Procter Eur Eng, CEng, MIChemE, MInstMC, B.Sc. (Hons)

Andy is an experienced chemical engineer, who started his career with BOC eventually becoming a Shift Superintendent at a BOC Gases tonnage site.. This involved the operation of three air separation units with liquiefiers, an argon purification unity, hydrogen / CO production unit by steam reforming hydrocarbons and an ammonia cracking unit with associated pipeline supplies to various customers.

He moved to Cabot Carbon Ltd working on a fumed silica and treated silica process. This involved process design; process optimisation; commissioning & control services, to the on-site projects and the operations department. He then changed roles and was responsible for site control systems; process historian systems; safety shut down systems and introduced the concept of the then new IEC 61508 standard into safety system specification and design on the site.

At Rowan House Ltd he continues to work on process control systems, as well as safety related systems both in an advisory and hands on capacity. He also works in the DSEAR and hazardous area classification arena. During his career Andy has been involved in HAZOP studies as a participant, Secretary and Chair for several different processes or modifications and continues to do so with these roles.


Malcolm Leach

Malcolm Leach PhD, BSc, CDipAF, CEng, FIChemE

Malcolm is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Chartered Chemical Engineer.

Malcolm has spent almost 30 years in the oil and gas industry, specialising in Combustion, Heat Transfer, and Safety. He also spent 5 years as a Principal Lecturer in the Technology Faculty of the University of Wolverhampton, lecturing in these and related subjects.

During his career, Malcolm is a specialist in refinery fired equipment and the related safety of combustion systems where he retired from the role of Operations Director with Birwelco Limited. More recently Malcolm has been involved in a number of waste to energy projects using both gasification and anaerobic digestion.

Malcolm is an experienced HAZOP Chair, in a variety of industries including oil and gas production, refineries, energy from waste and water and sewage treatment. He has undertaken process studies, hazardous area classification to ATEX/DSEAR, DSEAR risk assessments & DSEAR Conformance audits and has acted as an Expert Witness on several legal cases.

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