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Customer Case Studies - Process Engineering & Process Studies

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Water Treatment Plants

  • United Utilities - Sewage sludge dryer performance study and process review.
  • Anglian Water biogas study
  • Veolia Outsourcing - Digester manifold with foam break and rag removal drum
  • Veolia outsourcing - Digester pressure relief study
  • Thames Water - Pipe sizing for CHP engines and study of energy utilization, including the flare system
  • Severn Trent - Campion Hills Water Treatment Plant Accident Investigation
  • Severn Trent Services - Deaeration plant design for Abhu Dhabi
  • Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water - Accident investigation for odour treatment plant.
  • Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water - Ganol Water Treatment Plant process study
  • Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water - Pressure relief system study for Swansea WWTW

Process Designs

  • Clariant chemicals - Review of batch processing plant including pressure relief systems
  • Dow Chemicals - Hydrogen plant specification
  • P B Gelatins - plant review and process efficiency study
  • Dow Chemicals - Fired heater process control
  • PolymerLatex - Ammonia dosing plant for Stoke works
  • Britannia Zinc, Avonmouth, Bag filter plant
  • Kraft - Freeze dryer ductwork design to maximise freeze dryer with existing fans
  • Rhodia, Avonmouth - Mass and energy balance
  • AES - Resin in oil plant
  • Monsanto - Santoflex plant
  • P B Gelatins Dryer plant process control
  • British Steel, Scunthorpe, Ventilation system
  • BIP - Alval plant for resin manufacture process control
  • Rhodia, Oldbury - SIF design.
  • Englehard - Wet chemical scrubber
  • Robinson Brothers chemicals - process plant review of the pilot plant.

Independent Process Reviews

  • Rye House power station review of the HP system.
  • Salt Union power station (a Scottish & Southern system) HAZOP and SIL assessment of the HP steam and boiler system as far as the steam turbine.
  • Keadby power station (a Scottish & Southern site) full HAZOP.
  • S3JV process design P&I D review for the steam system
  • Husky, simulation of a steam methane reformer
  • Cabot Carbon, simulation of a steam methane reformer & HP piping network.
  • Petrofac, Fired heater study and review.
  • Amongst our team at Rowan House, we have staff with process design and high pressure steam system experience on energy from waste facilities in the UK and USA.

Power Industry

  • CHP power plant review at Averøy in Norway.
  • EDF Cottam (Retford) - Hazard & risk assessment system development & training


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