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Legal Expert Witness

Rowan House provides expert knowledge or experience in the field of process engineering and process safety services. As part of our Legal Expert Witness service we provide knowledgeable advice and experience to help understand the issues arising in a legal case.

Rowan House Ltd has acted on behalf of both plaintiff and defendant on various types of cases reviewing process / equipment design as well as undertaking incident investigations.

Example of areas covered include:

  • Damage to a tank storing formaldehyde
  • Explosion in an Anaerobic Digestion plant
  • Capacity and technical quality of a sludge dryer
  • Causes of Fire at the Water Treatment Plant
  • Explosion in the sludge dryer at a Sewage Works.
  • Building over an easement for a water pipeline supplying a local factory
  • Accidental release of a huge quantity of odorant causing local pollution
  • Fatal accident at Pumping Station
  • Reliability of purchased Intellectual Property and its use
  • Corrosion of boiler plant attached to sludge incinerator
  • Damage to sludge handling plant
  • Review of process equipment and design suitability for food waste handling plant.

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