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Company History & Milestones

Rowan House Ltd was founded in December 1989 by Alex Kulbicki near Newport, South Wales, providing process engineering support to the local chemical and process industries in South Wales and Avonmouth.

In 1993 Rowan House Ltd set up its Head Office in Monmouth, South Wales, where company grew with a strong emphasis on process engineering and process design. In the years that followed Rowan House Ltd provided support for process control and in 1997 established its link with Bristol Babcock Sweden AB, now known as MCH Konsulting AB. This gave Rowan House Ltd access to the well-established Abacus control system, a control system developed and proven over the years since its first installation in 1971.

In 1999 a Birmingham office was established to facilitate support throughout the UK and to take advantage of the excellent transport connections in the Midlands. Also in 1999 Rowan House Environmental Ltd was formed under the Environmental Trust Regulations in the UK.

During 2001 Rowan House developed the award winning HAZ1508 safety software for HAZOP studies. The software catalogues and records the non-safety critical loops and identifies potential SIL ratings, thereby enabling the user to optimise the other layers of protection and minimise their use of expensive SIL rated safety loops.

The following year 2002 Rowan House Ltd joined the 61508 Association amongst the group of founding members.

In 2003 the Rowan House Ltd, Ellesmere Port office was opened to enable better connections with North Wales and the North West by providing local support for our growing business.

As the business expanded, the new office was opened in Birmingham in 2005, with better facilities and easy access to the UK’s motorway network.

In 2015, the Birmingham & Wales office was combined and relocated to Cheltenham.

Today Rowan House Ltd remains one of the UK’s leading consultancies for the process industries with offices in Cheltenham and Ellesmere Port.




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