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Household Refuse & Recycling Facility HAZOP & LOPA studies - Case Study

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Rowan House Ltd have recently completed process safety studies on a newly constructed £154m recycling and renewable energy facility, which handles household waste for one of the UKs largest city.

The recycling and renewable energy facility uses three different proven processes to either recycle or treat household waste:

  1. Materials Recycling Facility, which separates the waste to recover anything that can be recycled.
  2. Anaerobic Digestion Plant, which takes all food and organic waste and converts into energy through a process of anaerobic digestion, which produces biogas. Biogas is used to generate electricity and heat.
  3. Advanced Conversion Facility, which takes all the waste that cannot be recycled to landfill and recovers renewable energy for local use by heating the waste and producing a synthetic gas.

Rowan House Ltd undertook the HAZOP studies, LOPA studies and first phase CHAZOP for the whole facility from food delivery, through to energy generation from the ACT an AD Plants. The work also included an E-HAZOP and a review of the completed HAZOP actions.

We worked closely with the main contractor, the end client, the end client’s consultants as well as all the major subcontractors to ensure that the design of the facility was robust and was risk assessed.



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