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Physics Research Institute Risk Assessment - Case Study

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Rowan House Ltd has worked closely with a world-leading multi-disciplinary science institute supporting work in particle physics, nuclear physics, and astronomy including space science. Their facilities have provided research techniques using neutrons, muons, lasers and x-rays, and high performance computing with complex analysis of large data sets.

Particle accelerators can be used to generate electromagnetic radiation, which has proven to be an invaluable tool for scientific experiments. Light sources are generated know as ‘X-ray Free Electron Laser’ (FEL).

Rowan House Ltd successfully completed the risk assessments for a normal conducting test accelerator delivering approximately 250 MeV electron beam energy, which was able to generate longitudinally and transversely bright electron bunches.

As well as looking at all the hazards of a normal process, we had to consider all the hazards associated with lasers, radio frequencies, ionising radiation as well as background radiation.



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