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National Grid Gas Supply System CHAZOPs - Case Study

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Rowan House Ltd are approved by National Grid for carrying out their HAZOPs & CHAZOPS on their behalf and their approved suppliers.

Rowan House Ltd have undertaken a number of CHAZOP studies for a client that provides remote telemetry units for National Grid sites. The remote telemetry units provide remote operation of valves, ESD systems as well as provide various process data to GNCC (Gas National Control Centre). The GNCC operates the National Transmission System and ensures the correct gas pressures, flow rates, temperatures and gas quality are continually maintained.

The complexity of the sites vary and in some cases, the sites also needed to undertake a HAZOP risk assessment as well as a CHAZOP.

A similar process to a HAZOP was used for the CHAZOP, with the specific task of assessing the risks involved in control systems deviating from their intended function. The CHAZOP covered the hardware, software, power supplies and environmental effects on the whole system.

Our extensive experience of complex control strategies as well as control system security allowed our client to ensure that the quality and integrity of the system architecture and software design of the equipment being supplied was fully risk assessed.



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