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Whisky Distillery HAZOP, DSEAR & Consultancy - Case Study

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Rowan House Ltd have recently worked with a UK based whisky producing company, who required assistance with complying with DSEAR for their distillery and maturation warehouse.

Rowan House Ltd provided a DSEAR consultant who carried out both DSEAR risk assessments as well as Hazardous Area Classification for both the distillery and the maturation warehouse.

The DSEAR risk assessment identified all the dangerous substances present, reviewed the process for all potential sources of ignition and evaluated the risk of an ignition including the effects on personnel, plant items and the process.

The risk assessment looked at the existing control measures in place and recommended improvements required to comply with DSEAR.

The Hazardous Area Classification using industry standards calculated whether any flammable zones existed as part of the distillery and maturation warehouse and identified the type and extent of zones present. The study also specified the correct standard of equipment (with the necessary levels of protection) that is required to be installed in the designated zones.

As part of our collaboration with the client, we have assisted them in providing guidance on their requirements to satisfy DSEAR and will also oversee the production of Zoning Diagrams.

Rowan House Ltd has assisted the distillery with other work including reviewing their CIP wash system design, providing guidance on the confined space entry and carrying out a steam boiler plant risk assessment.



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