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Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant Studies - Case Study

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The growth and development of renewable energy technologies and processes has resulted in a new set of risks and hazards being introduced to many locations where previously there were no process risks or hazards present.

Rowan House Ltd has worked with various renewable energy technologies providing safety studies, consultancy work as well as providing preliminary designs. We have also provided design reviews.

Some of our work has often been carried out once an enforcement notice by the Environment Agency or the Health & Safety Executive is in force. If this is the case, then our work is scrutinised by the authorities as well as our clients.

We have recently been working with a client who had been served an enforcement notice after a spillage in to the local stream.

Rowan House Ltd working closely with the client and Environment Agency were able to assist in the enforcement notice being lifted, after our client had demonstrated that following procedures had been developed with our assistance:

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Operating Procedures
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Start-up Procedures
  • Shutdown Procedures
  • Various Risk Assessments (DSEAR & COSHH)

To assist the directors and site employees, Rowan House Ltd provided a number of training courses on DSEAR.



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