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Combustion & Incineration

Rowan House personnel have many years experience of the design , construction, commissioning, operation, troubleshooting and optimisation of industrial combustion systems including fired heaters, flares, incinerators and boilers. Whatever your problems with your combustion system, Rowan House will have the necessary experience to help you solve it. Particular areas of expertise include:

Burner Management Systems: The start-up of combustion devices such as boilers, incinerators and fired heaters present the opportunity for fire and explosion unless stringent precautions are adopted to prevent them. The advent of reliable hardware for control and safety systems has led to the development of burner management and safety monitoring systems to remove the human unreliability element from start-up of such systems. The British Gas Publication IM/30 represented the state of the art in terms of burner management systems for many years with its use of 'double block and bleed' isolation systems and flame proving sequences as part of the light-up. This standard is currently being updated and replaced but the systems are unlikely to change too much.

Rowan House can design/specify your burner management systems and associated safety instrumented systems and we can also provide the hardware to deliver an integrated system designed and built to the highest standards.

Efficiency Optimisation: The continuing progressive increase in the real cost of fuel strengthens the continuing need for operators to ensure that their combustion devices are operating at peak efficiency. The keys to this are the use of the minimum amount of excess air consistent with satisfactory combustion, the maximum economic level of heat recovery with resulting maximisation of thermal efficiency and appropriate maintenance actions at the most cost-effective intervals.. Rowan House has the know-how and tools to assist you in reaching this goal. Site measurements supported by powerful computer analysis tools can rapidly identify where energy is being wasted and what needs to be done to improve matters. Let Rowan House help you to keep your fuel bills to a minimum.

Fired Heater Simulation: Fired Heaters are widely used in the oil and petrochemical industries as a means of providing the necessary process heat input to permit the desired operations (such as the distillation of crude oil or the production of ethylene) to take place. Rowan House has many years experience in the design, commissioning, operation and troubleshooting of such units and can assist you both with problems on existing units and with design studies for new units and upgrades. Our site experience with such units is supported by a suite of simulation software, which enables design options and predicted performance to be rapidly evaluated. Let Rowan House help you with your problems and your future designs.

Troubleshooting: Computer models are not the whole of the answer! While Rowan House has access to some excellent computer modelling software for combustion systems, especially fired heaters, the ultimate test is to make the improvements on the operating unit in the field. Rowan House have wide experience of site studies on combustion systems in various parts of the world and will be pleased to try and help you with your problems.

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